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Toyota to Participate in Collaborative Research for the Creation of a Hydrogen-Based Society in the United Arab Emirates

Toyota Motor Corporation has agreed to collaborate with Masdar, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), Air Liquide, and Toyota distributor Al-Futtaim Motors in a joint research program to explore the potential of hydrogen energy use in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for the creation of a sustainable, low-carbon society. As part of the program, Toyota will begin driving and refueling demonstration tests of the Mirai fuel cell vehicle (FCV) in the UAE from May 2017

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China's First Manned Fuel Cell Aircraft Completes Maiden Flight

China's first manned fuel cell aircraft powered by 20kW proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) recently completed its maiden flight in Northeast of China, meaning a breakthrough in domestic aviation fuel cell technology and also making China the third country with such technology after the United States and Germany

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Toyota Chairman Says Fuel-Cell Cars Need More Time to Catch On

Toyota Motor Corp. Chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada, known as the "father of the Prius" for his work on the worlds best-selling hybrid car, said fuel-cell vehicles will take longer than gasoline-electric autos to become popular because of the need to build infrastructure

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Research into the use of green hydrogen in refinery process

Six Rotterdam-based parties will investigate how sustainably generated electricity, converted into hydrogen, can be used in the production of fuels. TNO, Stedin, Smartport, Uniper, BP Refinery Rotterdam and Port of Rotterdam Authority will investigate the technical and economic feasibility of a power-to-gas plant in the Rotterdam port area, as well as the necessary amendments to regulations. The parties above signed a cooperation agreement to this end on 18 January 2017

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myFC unveils the worlds thinnest fuel cell at CES in Las Vegas

Sweden-based myFC continues to make technical breakthroughs in integrated green energy for all types of portable electronics. The company is now unveiling the worlds thinnest fuel cell for higher performance on considerably less space than previously. Fully integrated in smartphones and portable chargers, the earlier version protruded 0.9 mm from the device casing. The new cell, myFC LAMINA Thin Film fuel cell, is so slim that it can be flush mounted, meaning it is completely built into the device.

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China becomes 3rd country to test hydrogen-powered plane report

China has become the third nation in the world to successfully test an aircraft using hydrogen fuel, the countrys ministry of science and technology has announced.

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Rebuilding for hydrogen-Super Yacht to be converted to run on Hydrogen Fuel Cells

M/Y Che Guevara, previously owned by Gaddafi, will be converted to run on hydrogen. Greenstat will lead the project and are seeking partners.

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Fuel Cells Powering Critical Infrastructure in Disasters

The United States power grid is 99.97% reliable, but when it fails, it is both disruptive and costly. Hurricanes, tornados, thunderstorms and other weather eventsnot to mention human error, animals, and mechanical failurecan knock out power and communications infrastructure that cost Americans at least $150 billion in economic losses each year.

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Researchers develop new source of producing hydrogen from fescue grass

A team of UK researchers, including experts from Cardiff Universitys Cardiff Catalysis Institute, have shown that significant amounts of hydrogen can be unlocked from fescue grass with the help of sunlight and a cheap catalyst.

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